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Saturday 18 December 2010

Carry On Christmas Plus

Actual letters to Santa - I know they are because he told me so! Ho ho ho!

Please bring something special for my Mum. This is her first Christmas in heaven. We will miss her jello at Christmas dinner.- Elizabeth, 6, Belfast, United Kingdom
Sorry to bother you, but my little brother just punched me while we were on your web site. I told him that was the worst place to punch somebody because you were watching us extra close there. So please do not bring him any presents unless he stops hitting people. If you insist, coal would be fine. Thank you.- Corrie, 9, Auckland, New Zealand.

I really really want my Mom and Dad to get back together. That would make me so happy. I wish for it more than any toy you could bring me. I know its not something you can do though. :(- Chase, 12, Fountain Valley, California.

Santa, you know in malaysia...there is no santa which is huge or friendly like you. But you kow santa,my dream is to know the real santa and too see him on his sledge with a bunch of rein deers. love, Naveenah.You can call me Nin- Naveenah, 10, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

My Dad did the naughty/nice test and was called a little stinker. Please give him somthing he did'nt mean to be bad.- Saoirse, 10, Carbury, Ireland.

I realy want to ride in your sleigh.I have cancer and I am losing my hair so I would need a warm cap and coat.PSS please tell my 13 year old sister bonnie to leave my head alone- Ronnie, 11, Azle, Texas.

Dear Santa! It doesn't important that, you bring me presents which I wish. Most important is that you bring our planet peace and happy. Bye, Marusa- Marusa, 13, Kranj, Slovenia.

I love everyone in the whole wide world ---- even those who arent so nice!- Ashlea, 12, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom.

Dont get stuck behined the fire the gas man left you a special magic hole. I saw it last time he came!- Adam, 4, Wakefield, United Kingdom.

Please wake me up so I can see the reigndeer. You can even pour water on my head if you have to! (That's what Mom has to do to get me out of bed!)- Ashley, 8, Oxford, United Kingdom.

I love my mum and hope that she gets a boyfriend in her stocking this year because she is very lonely
- Alexander, 7, Nelson, United Kingdom.

Don't eat the cookies they are burnt(my dad made them!)- Kristen, 13, Kokomo, Indiana
Thank you for waving at me at the mall. You really do love me!- Marisa, 2, Ogden Dunes, Indiana.

I want a puppy because they are cute, I want pajs because I need them, I want pants so people won't see my underwear. That is why I need those things.- Jacqui, 8, Belvidere, Illinois.

No more fibbing! I promise because I saw my name on your naughty list!!- Amanda, 5, Perry, Michigan.

I'm going to leave out my report card just to prove how good I've been!- Patricia, 12, Montreal, Québec.

Are you going to trick me with my presents again this year? It was very funny last christmas I really thought you left me a blender.
- Adam, 6, New Hamburg, Ontario.

Just so you know, I put a trap on your cookies so daddy will not eat them this year.- Matt, 9, Westbury, New York.

I have been a very good girl.I am always good when the teacher is talking.- Jennifer, 6, Cheektowaga, New York.

could you bring me some nail polish too, cause other kids in school have some, and i dont.and i would like to wear it cause im a girl and girls do that kind of stuff. thank you Santa- Deryn, 5, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Are there like any really cute elves at the North Pole? My older sister wants to know!!- Samantha, 5, Lincoln, Pennsylvania.

Hi Santa! Do you think about me during the year or only at christmas time and do you talk with my Mom and Dad about me being good or bad? Just wondering!- Dustin, 9, San Diego, California.

Please make sure that the toys have batteries in them. Thank you!- Thomas, 7, The Gold Coast, Australia.

Santa be carful, we have holes in the floor. peple fall in them. I want to move. Mom says we are going to live on the street. If we are not here plese leve the presets at grammas. I love you!- Elizabeth, 9, Auburn, Washington.

At a different website I think it has a virus. That's what Mommy says. It says that I clean my room, and I don't even know how!- Jeffrey, 2, Foley, Alabama.

I heard you in my house this morning but I could not find you. I heard you twice.- Candice, 9, Statesboro, Georgia.

PLEEESE!! Don't bring me any new clothes...well, if you do,get my mom a bigger washing machine because if I get any more clothes the washing machine will overflow. By the way, don't give Mr. Grinch anything for Christmas. He forgot to wash behind his ears.- Kayla, 9, Calgary, Alberta.

I sit on my bumper in Mr. Quigley's class. I raise my hand when I'm supposed to. I keep my hands to myself.- Dan, 5, Cheektowaga, New York.

I am trying to talk nice, and not say words I shouldn't say. I am very good to my sister, Hannah- Sara, 4, Eielson, Alaska.

Dear Santa, I haven't been that good but at least I told the truth.I will try to be better the rest of my life.- Catherine, 8, Chicago, Illinois.

My big brother is trying really hard to be good, bit he's not doing a very good job at it.- Samantha, 4, West Carrollton, Ohio.

My Daddy was killed by a bad man. I am very sad.- Nick, 6, South Houston, Texas.

Christmas is not about presents or candy. It's all about being with your family and friends and sharing. Christmas is in the heart. It touches every part.- Conner, 8, Abbotsford, British Columbia.

I will like to have snow in my country.Our country does not have snow.It is a tropical island.- Laura, 11, Sangre Grande, Trinidad & Tobago.

I am so sorry Santa. I was fooling around on your website and I accidentaly put my sister on your naughty list. She really has been good this year. I promise I will never make a fib again.- Karen, 6, Phoenix, Arizona.