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Saturday 5 November 2011

Carry On Tuesday Plus # 130

Nicole Edwards 
Where are you? 
Where are you? 
Are you where you belong?
For doing what
You did to my sister
We had so much fun
You came to hang
Out with us
You made her so happy
No one can help you
Only God can
But that's only
If you believe in
Our father 
Died on the cross
For our sins

Why Am I The Problem?

Why am I the Problem,
I did not do anything wrong,
I am only trying to do what is best for me,
Why am i thw problem,
i feel like a prisioner,
In my own body,
I don't feel like,
i am 26 instead I feel like,
I am two years old,
i dont fesereve to be treated like this,
i didn't ask to be born with a disability,
i am a smart young girl,
with my head on the right way,
Why am i the problem?
i dont understand,
What i have done that is so wrong?

Why cant I do anything wright?

Why cant I do anything wright
Why am I such a failure? 
I try to be the best, 
I can be, 
most of the time when, 
I feel like I am doing, 
what I need to do, 
or what I feel is wright, 
it just seems like I, 
get slapped in the face, 
I can't seem to please anyone, 
why cant I do anything wright? 
I feel like like everything I try, 
to do isn't good enough for anyone, 
I try to do the best I can 
and be the best person, 
that I possibly can, 
Why cant I do anything wright? 
I feel like anything, 
I try to do just is not good enough,