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Saturday 3 December 2011

Carry On Tuesday plus # 134

        Dark Winter Blues
by Edward Kofi Louis 

The darkness of winter in some parts of the world,
The blues that it brings to make them sick;
But who is able to challenge nature?

Dark winter blues,
From the middle of November to the end of January;
There our hopes lied so low in the North of the Arctic Circle.

Dark winter blues,
To endure the long dark nights of the Arctic winter;
With pastel shades of blue and violet wrapped in the snow.

Snow balls,
Snow falls;
The dark winter does have negative effects on some people,
But the earth will keep on moving.

Wrapped in the cold of the snow,
With seasonal moods from the winter blues;
But this sadness of winter cannot be wiped away so easily.

There is no place to escape to with this claustrophobic,
But it is a matter of patience to push the days away;
And the orbit of the earth is all that makes the difference.