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Saturday 30 June 2012

Carry On Tuesday Plus # 162

Poetry by David Whalen

I Listen To The Silence 

Darkness about me
In the somnolent silence
The silence has substance
As thick as can be

silence about me
as loud as a scream
In a nightmarish dream
It can terrify me

Silence has a feel
Of darkness in velvet cloaked
As a desperate cry being choked
Phantasmic, yet real

As Quiet surrounds me
The silence has substance
The absence of presence
is deafening to me

Sounds whispery as paper
Things scurry about me
Sounds, soft, sad and scaly
Like venom and vapour

Silence is sound incomplete
Silence whirs, silence hums
Silence throbs, silence thrums
Silence has it’s own heartbeat

Quiet has movement,
Tho’ever so slow
Quiet has substance
and how do I know?

I listen to the silence...
as you do also 

most taxing Haiku

Tax refund? Tax credit?
It’s all spent way, waaay before …

A Haunting Melody
It's not lyrics…but
That lie ‘neath the melody

Ghostly murmurs that
the refrain

Sursurrant sounds
That surge
And then melt

Whispers not heard but
more chillingly

As tingles and ripples
Of black fingernail

Minor chords that caress,
And then go

Up spine and then
cross brain

A musical medly
Of whispers
And melody

Song fashioned by phantoms
From mist
…Icicles and rain